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Ho yep! Finally some new pictures, straight from the raw, some level mods but no photoshop.. still have no time 4 that! Give comments, it's greatly appreciated!!
  • Listening to: Pascal Picard - A While
  • Watching: leaves turning red
  • Playing: On a big ballon
  • Eating: Anything vegan :D
  • Listening to:
  • Watching: snow melting :)
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: Anything vegan :D
I,m going back to central america for 3 months, hope to see you there ;)
  • Listening to: The Haunted
  • Reading: Books on costa rica!!
  • Watching: The winter coming...
  • Playing: reversi
  • Eating: Anything vegan :D
Hey it's been a while...! So I'm back for 1-2 month full minded about working my travel's pictures! Need to start 3 years ago so may take a while but I'll try tu upload some as I go aniway :)  Hope to have your comments!!
  • Listening to: Blood Stain Child
  • Watching: want to see Requiem for a dream!
  • Playing: On my cellphone :| sic
  • Eating: Anything vegan :D
  • Drinking: COconut drink that I dont know the name...
Hum.. so I'm going back travelling for the summer... but without camera!! What a liberation!!!  Too bad I didn't have the time to post photos from Peru... you'll see them in 4 months!

A hot summer to you all!! :)
  • Listening to: The Haunted
  • Watching: Heroes
  • Playing: don't have time :(
  • Eating: my cereals
  • Drinking: with soy milk :P
Yes I'm back!! Everything went fine and Peru is a wonderful country... hope to have time to post some picts before leaving again in a week... :S
  • Watching: Les Invincibles
  • Drinking: Apple Juice :)

I'm about to leave for 3 month... kind of a crazy trip to Peru...!  Hope to come back with a lots of pictures for you my friends :)

Thx for watching.. and stay tuned!

See ya :)